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Welcome to MT-Group
a European management Consulting Group with a dedicated focus on Change Implementation.

We started out as an IT development consulting company back in 1997, centered around Information Engineering, as one of the forerunners in enterprise Architecture. Through our company IOCore we assisted companies and organizations in Benelux using primarily what is now COOL:Gen (CA). In 2001, the IOCore development consulting business was merged with a Scandinavian IT company and MT-Group refocused on its consulting business.

As a major next milestone, we set up IOCard as a Luxembourg based electronic payments software company, offering a full solution of card payment processing packages (issuing, acquiring, switch, clearing, settlement). This extended our reach from Europe to the Middle-East region. The company was then sold to Atos Worldline, to become a basis for their card processing offering.

Meanwhile MT-Group evolved into a consulting company with focus on Change Implementation. We assist organizations when other consultants hand over to you. We have been there, done that, and know how to guide you to a succesful implementation, with a clear focus on staff motivation and ownership and reducing operational risk.

In handling and implementing change in an organization, we discovered that horses can be of tremendous help in “making things visible”. The natural behaviour of a horse brings an eye-opening view on human behaviour. In working with Horses we can bring that extra dimension to an organization and individuals to make the change happening !

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